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Steam Loco Weathering Clinic DVD
Steam Loco Weathering Clinic

This DVD is a two-part presentation of the tools and techniques that will enable you to weather and finish a steam locomotive model. It starts with a steam engine weathering clinic, recorded “live,” hosted by the author during the 2006 Pacific Model Loggers’ Congress. During the 45-minute clinic Jeff took a stock Bachmann Climax and weathered and finished it into layout-ready condition. During this clinic you’ll learn how to use chalk powder, acrylic paint washes and an airbrush plus various paint and sealer finishes. Part Two, recorded in the author’s studio and workshop, covers weathering a Southern Pacific Cab Forward by Broadway Limited Imports. The DVD shows you how to take it from fresh out of the box to road-weary and well aged.

And all of this without any engine disassembly!

Click here to see a seven minute video demo of the weathering clinic DVD on YouTube.

Total run time for the purchased video: Approximately 84 minutes

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